Newsletter Advertising with MailTrader

Benefits for individuals who work in direct sales

(If you do not even work in direct sales, I suggest you to read the following lines anyway because perhaps you know someone, who works this type of business)

Let us suppose, you're working in direct sales and use a website to attract new customers and partners, on whom you earn money. One way to gain visitors to this website is, of course, the most effective form of online advertising: advertising newsletter! And that´s what Mail-Trader does.

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The internet has become a primary source of advertisement for many people. The internet offers low-cost and sometimes free methods to promote products and services for businesses. There are many different ways to advertise through the internet, and one of them involves the use of social media The following article contains information on social media marketing and how to use it.

In your case, nothing is more natural than booking newsletter advertising for the website of your existing business, which means becoming your own customer on Mail-Trader. Thus you take care of sales in your own business. If you recommend Mail-Trader to the partners of your direct selling company, you will increase more sales in both of these jobs/networks. With each payment, you'll receive from Mail-Trader you will be credited even promotional items which can be exchanged for new advertising newsletter bookings. So you apply your direct selling business without any additional cost.

You will be more successful in your business and at the same time always get higher payments of Mail-Trader.

More information is available in the second info-video. Incidentally, you can register for free under the video as an advertising partner and test everything for 10 days. In the back-office you can find the webinar-video with all the information especially on the payment plan.

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