The Good And The Bad Parts Of Facebook Timeline

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I remember the first time I ever logged onto Facebook. I hated everything about it, especially the fact that I was never allowed to personalize my page the way that I can on other social media sites. Most of my friends had accounts there, and this was the only reason that I signed up. It took some getting used to, but before long it became my favorite of the more popular social networking websites.

Facebook Timeline

I quickly abandoned all of the others and started to spend a large amount of time logged on there. It is terrible when you get used to having something one way then someone has to come in and change it. This is what happened when the facebook timeline was introduced. They billed it as an easier way to stay on top of what everyone was doing. Personally, I found the split screen to be a little odd, and I missed being able to look straight down the page and read without worrying about getting mixed up.

Adding the ticker in addition to the facebook timeline made things a bit easier, so I forgave them for this. I like how I can use the ticker to spy on people and essentially see everything that they are doing. Now that I mention it, I am starting to feel awkward because people can see me.

I play a lot of games on the site and the facebook timeline makes it much easier to keep track of that.

I don't have to sift through status updates or anything to see all of my game activity. I scroll down the page and each game has its own section.

I think Facebook was channeling my thoughts, because several weeks ago they decided to make some more changes to the timeline.

Now all of your apps are on one side and your status updates and posts are on the other. This is one of the better things about the timeline. I also have to admit that the pages look a bit more exciting now that we have a timeline. I tried to hold off on getting it for as long as I could, but I can say that I actually prefer it now to the way the old profiles looked.

I have two absolute favorite parts of the timeline and they are the cover photo section and the activity log. Sometimes you don't know what photo you want to choose for your profile, so you can choose two at a time. My cover photo is one of my favorites of my nephew, and I switch between various pictures of me, both with and without my girlfriend. The activity is great because I talk a lot. I am always commenting on something and I like to be able to go back and see comments that were added hours or days later.

I am sure this is not the last time they will change the facebook timeline. Just when I start to love it, they will change it again. Either way, I know that is not going to stop me from frequenting the site.

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